The BUG Logo

The BUG Logo

Who, where, how, why?

Apparently the insect shown in the BUG logo is a male ladybird called Barry, who drives a Beetle and comes from a long line of Guernsey petrol-heads. Barry's family and friends talk and think in an off-kilter rhyming language.

Barry was drawn in 1 minute by a ten-year-old schoolgirl without being asked.

Barry reminds us that BUG will need to retain its sense of humour (and sense of proportion) if we are to win over Guernsey's “Chelsea tractor” brigade. We have even put keeping our sense of fun on the front page of our charity’s Constitution - it's that fundamental.

Given the 1 minute he took to draw, Barry embodies more core qualities than an advertising guru could capture in a week, including: child-friendliness, pedestrian-friendliness (those feet), eco-friendliness (he's wildlife), an element of David vs Goliath (he's small), humour (that bum), simplicity, freshness (that freehand), innocence, loudness (those spots), organisation (that symmetry), mobility, durability and intelligence (those antennae).

We hope that BUG members will help us to uphold all of these qualities as the user group grows.

Follow Barry's adventures here, or chat about him in his own forum.